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Loyalty Scheme


For every £1 you spend online, you will get 1 point. 40 points equals £1, at which point you can start redeeming on your purchases or you can continue to save them up. So if you spend £200 you will gain 200 loyalty points, which converts to £5 off your next order. Simple as that.
You can view your points and their value in your account online.
Please note that this is an online only loyalty scheme, we run a separate one for stores. You can only redeem to the nearest £1, so if you have 60 points/ £1.50 you can only redeem £1 of it and the remaining 20 points/ 50p will be left on your loyalty account for a later date.



You will gain points with every purchase you make, which can then be either saved up or redeemed once you have 40 points.
As a loyalty member, you will get two exclusive discounts every year. These will either be emailed or posted to you. Please ensure your preferences are updated to allow John Anthony to send emails and postal vouchers to you. This can be updated within your account under ‘Communication’.
Loyalty members are also the only customers to have early access to the Christmas and Summer sales, giving you the first pick at our amazing reductions.
At certain points of the year we will also be offering double points on any online purchases, giving you the opportunity to gain points even quicker.



It’s simple really, all you need is an online account. If you already have one just log in and click the Loyalty tab, where you can register for Loyalty membership. To create an account just click the person icon at the top of the page (within the main navigation bar) and sign up, ticking the 'register for the John Anthony loyalty scheme' box.

Terms & Conditions:
If you return an item for a full refund where you have redeemed points, the points will also be refunded back into your loyalty account. Please note that when an order is returned where postage has been paid for, only the value of the item will be refunded and the postage will be taken from the points redeemed. For example, if you spend £100 on one item then upgrade your delivery for £5, making the total £105. If you then redeem £10 worth of loyalty points, you will only pay £95. If this item is then returned for a refund, £95 will go back onto your card and the £5 delivery cost will be taken from your loyalty account. The remaining points will be refunded back into your loyalty account. If you return any items for a refund, the points earned will be removed from your account. This is an online only loyalty scheme, there is a separate one for store purchases. You cannot redeem or gain points online to be used in store, and vice versa. Points are only earned on online transactions placed after the 11th September 2019 & you have registered to join the scheme prior to placing your order.